Welcome to our website

We are networks and security informatics, a research group established by Prof. Giampaolo Bella at the Dipartimento di Matematica of the University of Catania in 2009 to broaden the scientific and technological landscape in the field of security of modern networked systems.


Real-world secure systems

Involving the design and prototyping of systems that securely address certain needs of modern society; examples are systems for electronic exams, privacy preservation and life support.

Socio-technical analysis

Pertaining to the formal and analytical analyses of real-world secure systems with a full account on their human users; examples are the analyses of TLS certificates, web registration ceremonies and flight boarding procedures.

Tomorrow's networks

Focusing on the in-depth emprical analysis and simulation of modern networks' problems such as power consumption, route maintainance and reputation, with the aim of defining future networks.


To fully understand a computer security problem, it is often necessary to develop tools for attack and defense. For this reason, we are specialized in tools of: exploitation, post-exploitation, malware detection etc.